Ashlee’s craft based practice is rooted in the rigour of repetition but expands into spaces of spontaneity and solitude. Her training as a production potter revolved around the craft of reproducing a single object as accurately as possible in quantities of sometimes hundreds. Her recent works explore how ignoring this training can allow her mind and body to create new objects that stand alone - perhaps with similar counterparts but never copies.


Ashlee completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Ceramics) in 2016 at the University of South Australia, followed by the JamFactory’s two-year Associate Training Program. She now works out of the JamFactory where she is a studio tenant and teacher.


Travelling through South Australia to deliver workshops in remote communities, Ashlee began to find ways to make pots on the road. She quickly discovered that making pots on hillsides, forest floors, or in creekbeds expanded her way of thinking about her practice. Rather than taking a field trip to be inspired, the field trip has become the work.